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How to make your friend become an ELF?? Give them "Super Junior Intimate Note" video


[Eng Sub] 140718 A Song For You Season 3 episode1

VOTE for Super Junior’s “U” for Favorite Song of 2006 on Mnet!

You can vote with an Mnet account, twitter & facebook.

Super Junior is currently in first place, but Shinhwa is close behind so please vote ELF~

Round 1 Voting ends on the June 30th!

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henry imitates donghae sorry sorry dance , and siwon enjoying every single movement without blink

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What Kpop Fanfiction taught me


Every prostitute has a very sad childhood

Vampires are apparently extremely good looking

Anything that involves the kitchen will either end up with meaningless fluff or having sex on the table, the counter or against the fridge. No angst.

Living in the old days, where kings,…